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Better ranking in search engines>> More Visitors>> More Sales>> Great return on your investment

With almost 14 billion searches each month and much more social networking sites which attract visitors from dozens of countries, there are unlimited opportunities. But to take advantage of these opportunities is vital for your website to rank high on search engines to convert those visits into sales. If you are unable to successfully implement these strategies, then your customers will go to your competitors instead of you.

Innovative Web Provider offers specialized services in design, construction and especially the promotion of websites.

Saying website promotion, we mean the increase of visitors to your page, by high ranking on search engines (google, msn, yahoo).
The traffic is particularly significant as it comes from genuinely interested users who used the appropriate words (keywords) to find you.

There are two main ways of promoting sites selected according to the object being promoted and what competition there is.

a. Organic Oprimization(Search Engine Optimization - SEO).

Organic results are displayed by search engines in the main part of page left.
The promotion is achieved with the appearance of your website in the first engine results on keyword phrases you have chosen you and has a long duration.
The appearance of a website on top of organic results bring free visitors but are not guaranteed, it requires great effort to achieve. The cost of optimizing a website to appear on top depends on the competition for that keyword phrase that is being optimized.

b. Pain registartion by creating an advertising campain.

The results are displayed on search engines as "sponsored links" that displays Web pages that have "bought" the specific place.
The construction of an advertising campaign and the appearance of the site in the right hand column of results brings visitors per pay (Pay Per Click). The cost is predictable, the results directly, but the expense constant.

In INWEBPRO we use both of these ways of promoting web sites and others as appropriate. Our experience in these strategies allows us to undertake the promotion of websites from scratch or advisable to modify advertising campaigns that are already underway.


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